WE ARE HIRING – Executive Director ****POSITION FILLED****

Job Title: Executive Director

Status: Full Time (35 hours per week)

Wage: $23/hr to start


North Peace Justice Society is a non-profit, volunteer based organization aimed at fostering a safe and caring community by administering the Restorative Justice Program. The mandate of the program is to bring adult and young offenders, and victims together to discuss criminal incidents and to find ways to repair the harm caused. The Society has been in operation since 1996 and during this time has been extremely successful in connecting youth and their community, providing mentoring to young offenders, providing a forum for victims, and facilitating the payment of monetary restitution to victims by offenders.

We are currently looking for a full time Executive Director for 35 hours per week.



Provide services as Executive Director and Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

Executive Director

  • Manage day to day operation of North Peace Justice Society
  • Engage in public relations to promote and solicit public and corporate support for the Restorative Justice Program
  • Liaise with referral agencies such as RCMP, School District #60, FSJ Fire Dept., various local partners
  • Develop and deliver information seminars to RCMP, schools, and the community
  • Develop fundraising strategies, search for funding opportunities, and write grants
  • Manage budget and accounts, and complete annual funding and accounting reports
  • Schedule and maintain training for volunteers and Board members
  • Supervise practicum students from Northern Lights College/UNBC
  • Attend Board Meetings and advise the Board of Directors on day to day operations
  • Administrative services: report writing, maintain emails, filing and data entry

Program Coordinator

  • Delegate new files to Justice Forum Facilitators, while facilitating some files as well
  • Supervise new volunteers through the Justice Forum Facilitator certification process
  • Case management including victim, offender, supporter interviews
  • Liaise with clients, supporters, referring agencies and community resource agencies
  • Refer clients to community resources agencies
  • Organizing placements for completing community service hours
  • Monitor Community Justice Forum (CJF) agreements
  • Attend Board Meetings and advise the Board on program statistics and needs


  • Combined education and experience in the area of Criminology or Social Sciences will be considered, however a degree is preferred
  • An understanding of Restorative Justice principles and practices
  • Knowledge of community resources
  • Knowledge of the local aboriginal communities
  • Proficient in interviewing, communication, and written language skills
  • Ability to work in and manage stressful or crisis situations
  • Integrity: ability to handle and maintain confidential and sensitive materials
  • Pass a criminal record check
  • Have a valid driver’s license


  • Basic Understanding of the Criminal Justice System
  • Must be organized and self-directed; be able to plan your own schedule, and be able to work without supervision
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative team setting
  • Demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Be able to work a flexible work week including some evening and weekend hours
  • Have an appreciation for diversity and be able to work with all cultural groups
  • LGTBQ sensitive
  • Have some understanding of the dynamics of abuse and systemic responses


  1. The successful applicant will have a starting wage of $23 per hour. Once employed, the employee will be eligible for a wage increase upon the six month performance review, and annually after that.
  2. Employees will pay a $15 member fee for the first year and $10 each subsequent year. Membership allows the member to vote in the Annual General Meeting.
  3. The employee will adhere to the Restorative Justice Program Code of Ethics.


PLEASE SUBMIT RESUME WITH COVER LETTER TO restorativejustice@telus.net or can be submitted directly on this site via the CONTACT US tab.